Tap. Snap. Deposit.

Banking on the go has never been easier with our new Remote Deposit Capture. Our mobile app now allows you to easily deposit your checks in a snap using your smartphone. Simply take a picture of your check using your smartphone (Apple/Droid), follow the helpful steps provided on the screen and deposit your check immediately! It’s that easy!

Let’s Get Started

  • Download our free app, (Lassen FCU) from the mobile app store.
  • Access your account using the mobile app (use the same login you use for Online Banking).
  • Tap the menu icon, tap “Deposit” and then tap “Deposit” again.
  • Deposit instructions will appear with helpful hints, tap “Got It” to continue.
  • Select the desired account and enter in the check amount.

Time To Snap:

  • Simply tap the “Take Picture” button for the front of the check, (place on dark background).
  • Choose to use or retake picture, (ensure you have good lighting).
  • Take picture of the back of your check.
  • If all tasks are complete, tap next in the upper right hand corner to advance.
  • Tap “Deposit” in the upper right hand corner.

Things To Know:

  • Ensure your check is properly endorsed for RD only at Lassen Credit Union and has your account number and signature on the back of the check. (Example:  12345  Heather Smith)
  • You will get a confirmation when the deposit was made.
  • Remember to store the original check for 60 days after mobile deposit was made.
  • Funds will be held for 3 business days

To qualify for this service you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be a member of Lassen Credit Union for at least 6 months
  • Have an active Lassen Credit Union checking account
  • Be enrolled in Lassen Credit Union Online and Mobile Banking
  • Have no NSF activity for the previous 6 months
  • Have a current e-mail on file at Lassen Credit Union.
  • Have signed the RDC disclosure
  • Have an Apple or Droid platform smartphone

The following link is a complete disclosure for Remote Deposit Capture that the primary account holder must read, print and sign before they will have access to this service. Fax, e-mail or bring in the completed disclosure.

Fax Number- 530-257-9042

e-mail- hmartinez@lassencreditunion.com

Click here to view the disclosure