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Additional Services

It’s Safe, It’s Easy, It’s Free!

Direct Deposit means your paychecks are automatically deposited into your Base Share or Share Draft Account.

  • No trips to the Credit Union.
  • No waiting in lines.
  • Your money is deposited even if you’re away on business or vacation.

Sign Up For Direct Deposit Today! Here’s how…

Contact your employer’s payroll or personnel office to find out if Direct Deposit is available. You will need to provide them with the Lassen County Federal Credit Union Routing Number: 321178048. You may also stop by the Credit Union and we may be able to assist you.

You can also specify other recurring deposits (Pension, Social Security/Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, or other regular monthly income) be made electronically to your account. To find out more call us at (530) 257-7736.

Government Direct Direct Deposit Instructions

There are three ways to enroll in Direct Deposit for government payments:

  1. Online: Visit and sign up via their secure system.
  2. Phone: Call the Go Direct helpline at (877) 874-6347, available M-F, 8AM-8PM EST. 
  3. By mail: You will need to fill out Form 1199a to enroll in Direct Deposit. You download this form from After completing the form, mail it to the address necessary or as specified.