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Scholarship Program

Lassen County Federal Credit Union Scholarship Program

The Lassen County Federal Credit Union is proud and honored to provide a $500.00 Scholarship to two graduating Seniors from Lassen County.

Qualifying Criteria

  1. Must be a student, graduating from a Lassen County School, who plans to attend a university, community college, or trade school to achieve a degree in the field of Business or Accounting.
  2. Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.


Please submit the following information:

  1. A cover sheet including your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and the university, community college, or trade school you plan to attend.
  2. List school activities in which you actively participate.
  3. List non-school activities such as church, community service, and employment that you are actively involved in.
  4. A copy of last semester transcript.
  5. A biography describing your future career goals, your preparations for your future, and how this scholarship would benefit you.
  6. Two letters of recommendation.
    • One from a community member
    • One from a high school teacher/coach/employer/etc.
  7. Once you have gathered all of your documentation, mail or drop off your scholarship application and packet to the Lassen County Federal Credit Union at 2605 Riverside Dr., Susanville, CA 96130. You may also give your data to your school counseling office.