Here at the Lassen County Federal Credit Union, we love our community just as much as our members. This page will feature different things from community events to our own involvement in the community. We hope this page can be a useful resource in staying up to date with community events as well as what we are up to here at the Credit Union.

Love where you bank!

Our Financial Literacy Program,

Research has indicated that although educators work diligently to provide a wide array of studies within the required curriculum, there are some key components of life in which students of all ages are lacking knowledge. There are only so many hours in a school day!

FORBES reports that a mere 17 states require high school students to take a course on financial decisions in the future. The Lassen County Federal Credit Union would like to be a part of the fight for future financial success for our youth. 

Let’s face it, growing up is hard enough without temptations like purchasing things on credit and thinking that putting all your money under your mattress is the best bank account you’re going to get. So if we can help the future be brighter by teaching our community’s youth about the things we know best, then count us in!

Our program includes a progressive education about personal finances and worldly situations they may and WILL run into. This starts at a younger age and follows them until they graduate from high school. The LCFCU”s Financial Literacy Program will teach kids comprehensible information based on their age group that will include:

  • Savings Accounts
  • Checking Accounts
  • The fundamentals of banking for personal use
  • Budgeting
  • Employment
  • Credit and Debit
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Taxation
  • Building Wealth
  • Identity Theft
  • Paying for Education
  • Charitable giving
  • And Credit Union differences

We believe you should love where you bank, and providing the proper knowledge of Credit Unions could help with choosing your financial forever home. More and more studies show that younger people don’t know the differences between a Credit Union and a Bank. We want to change that. The focus here is to provide tools that will be of aid to better prepare them for what is to come once they venture out into the world of financial responsibility. 

We hope to develop our program countywide and be more of a presence in our wonderful community by offering our Financial Literacy Program to students at all the schools in Lassen County, including the High School. Here at the Lassen County Federal Credit Union, we believe that Financial Literacy is constantly evolving.  Knowledge of the subject should be provided and available to people of all ages. That is why we would like to offer Financial Literacy classes to the public, giving the community the opportunity to learn, provide insight and get any questions answered.

We hope you are all just as excited as we are about this new and upcoming adventure. We would love it if you would come along for the ride. The support of our community and our educators can help our program become something more than a Credit Union trying to make a difference. With your support, we actually can make a difference.

Pictured below is Wyatt, Shelbie, and Nicole dropping off a donation to the local Lassen County Animal Shelter.

One of Richmond School’s fifth-grade classes standing proudly with a check for $300 donation for the local animal shelter. The class earned this check through the Lassen County Federal Credit Unions financial literacy program.