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June 14, 2017

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Now through July 7th, The Lassen County Federal Credit Union is promoting an unbeatable auto loan special.  1% off your qualifying rate, 1.90% oac, and no payments for 60 days. It really is the best deal around.

Lassen County Federal Credit Union can help you find the right car with the right price and offer you the right rates and terms. If you are going to borrow money for your purchase, the choices you make on your auto loan are very important.

Proper planning for a loan will give you the advantage and the confidence you need to have a successful purchase. Here are a few key factors to think about before getting an auto loan:

  • Manage and check your credit. With a good credit score you will get a better rate, which means you will pay less in interest.
  • Know how much you can spend. The bigger the down payment the smaller your loan will be which lowers your payment. Monthly payments will be with you for years, so the more comfortable a payment is the better. Things can change. Unexpected expenses, or lowered income could affect these payments.
  • Shop around. This is a big one. Come to the Lassen County Federal Credit Union. We can arm you with the knowledge you need to get the right vehicle at the right price. Find the vehicle you like, bring us the VIN and our loan department will do some research on the vehicle. They will be able to tell you dealers invoice and Kelly Blue Book Value as well as if you are making a wise financial decision.

Start planning for your auto loan long before you start looking at cars. Getting all your marbles into one bag will improve your chances of getting a loan and a car that fits your lifestyle. When you are ready for the process, come to the Lassen County Federal Credit Union at 2605 Riverside Drive in Susanville. Our loan gals are ready to help. You can also find information and a loan application at this link.

 Come in and see us, we can give you the right price, right car, and the right rates and terms, right here at home.

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